Exposure Trackit

crowd sourced human movement save lives

What is exposure tracker

Put simply, we gather people movement, connections and locations. We combine this movement with COVID-19 data to identify confirmed cases with contact tracing.
This allows us to identify cluster and risk locations, identify hotspots and alert everyone that has been exposed to a COVID-19 confirmed case

Location based data

no registration

Users can start using the app immediately without the need to create an account. We generate a token and an anonymous ID on the users phone. This means no user privacy or personally identifiable information is tracked

mobile phone location tracking

We track human movement, translated into anonymous tracking data. This is mapped to confirmed COVID-19 cases and identified cluster areas to alert people if they have a risk of exposure


We need to know who you are so we can alert you, however all your data is anonymised in our database. This way your personal data is unrecognisable to others

COVID-19 data

we capture all public covid-19 data, cases, tests, locations and create exposure risk insights

department of health

Australian government up to date information.
Location and territory data

past, present future

Our graphing and analysis allows up to
predict future cluster areas and contact paths

instant contact tracing

we can contact trace in seconds, using our location and human tracked movement and connections

We can track cases all around the world

confirmed cases globally
countries infected