Currently, we have very few tools to stop the spread of COVID-19. One that we do have is social distancing. If we could completely stop all interactions between people, this would be over very quickly. Unfortunately, to keep a country operational, we have people that still need to be moving around. Some of these people may be asymptomatic carriers, or they may encounter someone who is.

Anyone of us going to the grocery store, the doctors, to work may contribute to the virus’s transmission without even knowing it. Health officials need to trace the movements of anyone that tests positive, then all the people they encountered, and all the people met, and so on. This is difficult and time-consuming.

To assist with this, we have designed a crowdsourced contact tracing app. The front end is a simple app that reports observations of the phone’s movements. Using GraphQL, these observations are written to a SQL datastore before being processed into Neo4j for analysis using the POLE principles. Using Neo4j we can quickly and efficiently identify and notify users who have encountered a hotspot. This can be shared with health officials to identify and map areas of concern.

This project is intended to help people become part of the solution to contact tracing. The app logs records of people’s movements that can be mapped against known hotspots and users are informed if they have been near any hot spots.
Damian Noonan
technology guru
A serial entrepreneur, Damian has founded several cloud technology companies. Damian believes   insightful data truely helps people. Damian is passionate about creating and developing social enterprises
Stephanie Hedger
Founder | Data guru
A former defence force person, Steph has experienced what it is to protect people.  After forging a career in technology creating data intelligence, steph is leveraging these experiences to bring safety to humanity

“I care about people. If I can keep humans safe with this project I’ll consider my job done”

Stephanie Hedger - founder of Exposure TrackIt